Responsible Fishing UK is an arts collective established by artist James Brunt and photographer Timm Cleasby. After several meeting in the pub the pair decided that their individual skills could work in harmony and RF was born. 

The family run business has collaborators from across the globe and is involved in many local, national and international projects. To find out more about exactly what we do please explore the site.

James Brunt

James Brunt

Lead Artist, Creative Chap and Photographer.

Jim is RF’s inspiration... Between the 2 of then Jim is the main ideas chap. An artist and stone balancer, he works both conceptually and visually with the common ground always being the artworks response to a solid reality, a time, a place, a journey, or a routine.

He was introduced to the art of stone balancing after seeing stones balanced on the beach in Lyme Regis, Dorset. The dramatic point of balance is both poetically fragile to look at and yet deceptively solid due to the nature of the raw material.

A lover of the outdoors and always creating amazing things in the woods Jim Inspires us all...

Timm Cleasby

Timm Cleasby

Photograper, Videographer, Drone Pilot, Artist.

RF‘s resident media / tech guy Timm loves all the tech but he’s quite keen on being out doors too.

With a background in Photography, music and events he makes sure RF is up to date without loosing touch with the simple roots we started with

He’s currently undergoing Forest Schools training with RFJ... exciting times ahead.

Carolins Hayes

Artist, designer.

Sam Cleasby

Artist, Writer.