All Saints C of E Camp C


Brilliant day with a castle themed Camp C at Aston All Saints C of E, here’s what the school had to say about the day –

“Thank you for leading such an amazing Camp Cardboard day and helping us to recreate Conisborough Castle in our school hall. The children are still buzzing and talking about the experience. Within a short time of meeting the children you both developed a rapport with them, took the children along with your boundless enthusiasm and your willingness to try out any of their suggestions. The session linked with so many areas of the curriculum including team work, creative play, design technology, science and maths. The children could use skills they were developing in class and apply them on a large scale. Above all the day was fun and the children went home with huge smiles on their faces.”

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And here’s what the kids said –

‘Bigger boxes at the bottom give your structure strength’

‘Tubes can be used to hold the roof up, it was really good, it made our roof strong’.

‘If a space is too wide it might collapse, I learnt you have to put the boxes closer together’.

‘Did you know you can do strong without having to use tape to stick it?

‘It’s a skill making the boxes, you have to count one over two over three over four and tuck it in. I did that when we moved house but I didn’t know that was the real way to do it’.

‘Wow, come in here. Look we made the tunnel go right round the castle’.

‘Timm helped us make a portcullis, it lifted up on tubes. We had some string. If you pulled the string out at an angle it broke. We learnt you had to pull down’.

‘I had an idea to have big boxes with holes in. We pushed the tubes through the holes to make it strong’.

‘My favourite bit was helping each other’.

‘We worked really well as a team, when it fell down it didn’t matter because we could do it again only better’.

‘It was brilliant making the dungeon, we tried to do it scary’.

‘James told me to have a go… I did and it worked’.

‘It was massive, not quite as big as Conisborough…..but nearly!’

‘We had loads of fun, the portcullis fell on us at the end, just like a real castle falling down’.

‘The best bit was playing in it, I wish we could have played longer’.