Active Coast Summer

Active Coast Summer – Team RF had a wonderful Summer on the beaches of Yorkshire’s East Riding leading creative session on the beach.  Whether stone balancing or huge sand doodles we had a blast and met loads of lovely people. Here are some pictures of what we got up to –


Leicester Riverside Festival 2015

LEICESTER RIVERSIDE FESTIVAL 2015 – We always enjoy balancing stones at the riverside Festival, loads of people come back to see us every year and have a great time!

IMG_8635  IMG_8682  IMG_8680

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Pebble Pit Delivery to Red House Children’s Centre

PEBBLE PIT DELIVERY TO RED HOUSE CHILDREN”S CENTRE  –  RFJ delivered RF’s first bespoke pebble pit to Red House children’s centre in Bristol.

Commissioned by a parent who’s daughter spent many years at Red House, as a thank you to all the staff who looked after her.

IMG_7639  IMG_7649

IMG_7641  IMG_7647  IMG_7637

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Filey 2015

Filey 2015

The RF family headed to Filey for a week in February and squeezed in some creative time.  All about stones and sand.


IMG_6407  IMG_6409  IMG_6423

IMG_6437  IMG_6492

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Tidal Gatherings 2014


Sandsend nr Whitby –


Team RF had a most fantastic day creating work on Sandsend Beach Nr Whitby! We met some amazingly creative people who sang, balanced stones, raked sand, got arty with crab shells, took beautiful pictures and generally created a very special vibe! Thanks to the Yorkshire Visual Artist Network for supporting, the Whitby Community Choir for your lovely songs and everyone who turned up to see us!

IMG_5213  IMG_5214

IMG_5247  IMG_5254

IMG_5246  IMG_5221  IMG_5223

IMG_5270  IMG_5266

IMG_5225  IMG_5216


Tidal Gatherings – Sandsend Nr Whitby


With Support from YVAN The Yorkshire and Humberside Visual Arts Network, Team RF will be heading to Sandsend Nr Whitby to make work between tides.

We are encouraging other artists and people who enjoying getting creative on a beach to come and play.

Tidal Gatherings

Stone Balancing at Rotherham Roar


RFJ was invited by Rotherham Roar to lead a stone balancing workshop for volunteers.  A wonderfully creative session followed with people producing some fantastic work! Go Rotherham!

IMG_4084  IMG_4071

IMG_4105  IMG_4098  IMG_4096

IMG_4068  IMG_4099  IMG_4089


Birling Gap BAWI


James spent a great day at Birling Gap on the South Coast, working with US Stone Artist North Watt.  Long time Facebook friends it was the first opportunity for them to work together.  They led a public stone balancing workshop at the fantastic Birling Gap visitors centre, before spending the last hour on the beach.  Good times indeed. RF are looking forward to more stone artists meet ups with a Yorkshire event in the planning for September, thanks to funding from the YVAN scheme. Keep a watch out for more details soon.

IMG_4027  IMG_4019

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