Goole – The Junction Takeover.

So after an exhausting but awesome day RFJ and I are going through our pics and re-living the day… IT WAS BRILLIANT.

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Uplift Book Garden


RFJ Had a wonderful day working with uplifters in Barnsley to create a garden themed book topple. Uplift is an amazing project that promotes positive wellbeing through participation in artistic activity!  The event took place on National Libraries Day at Barnsley Central Library.  Big thanks to everyone who helped out.  To see film footage of the finished topple, head over to the Responsible Fishing UK Facebook page.

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Responsible Fishing Book Topple goes global

Remember last year when we  took over the lecture theatre in Barnsley Library ?  We created a ‘Domino Topple’ using deleted library stock of hard back books.


Well it got picked up by The New Yorker  and things went a little mad, it has now been viewed over 225,000 times on youtube.




Big thanks to Wayne Sables Project and John Ashton for film and music.