Tidal Gatherings 2014


Sandsend nr Whitby –


Team RF had a most fantastic day creating work on Sandsend Beach Nr Whitby! We met some amazingly creative people who sang, balanced stones, raked sand, got arty with crab shells, took beautiful pictures and generally created a very special vibe! Thanks to the Yorkshire Visual Artist Network for supporting, the Whitby Community Choir for your lovely songs and everyone who turned up to see us!

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Tidal Gatherings – Sandsend Nr Whitby


With Support from YVAN The Yorkshire and Humberside Visual Arts Network, Team RF will be heading to Sandsend Nr Whitby to make work between tides.

We are encouraging other artists and people who enjoying getting creative on a beach to come and play.

Tidal Gatherings

Sandsend 2014



RFJ spent half term with the family at Sandsend near Whitby for long walks, great beer and food at the Hart Inn and the annual breakfast at the Sandside Cafe, oh and a bit of creativity thrown in too!

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RF’s Yorkshire


We are so lucky have a wealth of beautiful locations in Yorkshire, in which to get out and balance stones, thought we’d share a few of our favourite places –

Anston Stones:  5 mins walk from the house, this is RFJ’s playground.  A two mile valley that separates North and South Anston it’s popular with dog walkers, families and home to Dead Mans Cave, where early flint spear heads and tools have been found, it’s the location of many childhood adventures.  Anston Brook winds it’s way through the valley and is the location of much of RFJ’s practice.

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North / East Yorkshire coastline: Staithes to Whitby and all the way down to Flamborough, we just love it!  Steeped in history, stunning locations and great rocks!

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The Peak District: Again such stunning and diverse landscapes, the peak district is a regular haunt for team RF.  And the back drop to some of RFT’s amazing photography!  Only 1 hours drive and we can be at the heart of some of the country’s most dramatic landscapes!

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