The amazing stone balancers of Just So Festival 2013


Team RF had the most fantastic time at Just So Festival and met some amazing people, here are some of the fantastic stone sculptures created by you talented lot.

_MG_8130  _MG_8141  _MG_8134

_MG_8138  _MG_8123  _MG_8122

_MG_8128  _MG_8111

_MG_8121  _MG_8115  _MG_8075

_MG_8108  _MG_8107

_MG_8100  _MG_8074  _MG_8052

_MG_8102  _MG_8050

_MG_8072  _MG_8015

_MG_8038  _MG_7988  _MG_7995

_MG_7986  _MG_7984

_MG_7972  _MG_7942  _MG_7954

_MG_7971  _MG_7968

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  1. Claire Hammond
    Claire Hammond says:

    Woohoo, my record stone balance!!!(shame I have my eyes closed on the picture!) Just thought you guys would like to know I’m so obessed now that when we got home, Dan promptly went to the river collected me some stones & I now have my very own stone balancing area in the garden! A lifelong obsession ha begun.

    Thanks guys you are very talented, I hope one day to be able to balance like you!
    Claire Hammond xx

  2. timm
    timm says:

    Thanks Claire, you were very determined to get the record… Make sure you share your work on our facebook page… we’d love to see your skliis progress…

    Team RF x

  3. Romany at Festival Kidz
    Romany at Festival Kidz says:

    Oooh – just spotted my daughter and her AMAZING stone balancing (2nd row – middle photo)… although she did have a bit of help from her engineer daddy 🙂

    We loved this activity, it was so calming and addictive… in fact we carried on doing it all summer at every stony beach we visited!
    Thanks so much,
    Romany x



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