Tidal Gatherings 2014


Sandsend nr Whitby –


Team RF had a most fantastic day creating work on Sandsend Beach Nr Whitby! We met some amazingly creative people who sang, balanced stones, raked sand, got arty with crab shells, took beautiful pictures and generally created a very special vibe! Thanks to the Yorkshire Visual Artist Network for supporting, the Whitby Community Choir for your lovely songs and everyone who turned up to see us!

IMG_5213  IMG_5214

IMG_5247  IMG_5254

IMG_5246  IMG_5221  IMG_5223

IMG_5270  IMG_5266

IMG_5225  IMG_5216


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  1. Jack Ritchie
    Jack Ritchie says:

    Love what you do. I have recently rediscovered rock balancing( 8months ago) and have noticed the world wide growth in interest. I suspect that a coordinated global event spanning @ least 12 hours, inclusive of meditation for the planet and balance could work well. I would love to be involved and set something up in Australia.
    Talk soon

    • James
      James says:

      Sounds like a plan, yes there is a large online community and various international events! Its a good time to balance rocks!


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