Waterfalls Project Day 1 – Yorkshire Coast

Jim and I have started a new project that will see us making work at waterfalls across the UK.

We had a great but somewhat dangerous day on the 1st day of the project, we started at North Landing at Flamborough at a little know waterfall just north of the main bay. Only accessible whilst the tide is out and it’s a tricky track to get up there but it was worth the effort as the images look stunning.

The second fall we visited was called Falling Foss, it’s a set at the bottom of a valley south of Whitby and it was a real challenge to get access to, The slopes are very steep and the ground was quite muddy / slippery. We found a “path” (I say path but really it was a bit less steep and someone had installed a rope to help get you down and back up. The walk along the river was treacherous as the ground was very boggy and wet. Still we managed and made a spiral. We were racing against the sunset as getting out of there in the dark would have been quite dangerous and have probably included a trip in the mountain rescue helicopter…

I think we’ll return here as it’s a great location and with more time I think we’ll produce something great.

Pics are still nice tho.

Hope you like the images, we’ll be posting more as the project continues and look out for us or our work if you’re near a waterfall or by the coast…

Timm & Jim